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Ostankino: a cursed place

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Do you want to practice your English? So, this quest will be ideal for you! Do you know that Ostankino is sometimes called the “cursed place”? Lots of dark legends are connected with this area.

Anna woke up screaming again. Nightmares have been torturing her for a month. And it was always the same: the earth opened up, and the primitive evil came out of it, covering the earth. In all her dreams, Anna was always in Ostankino, but it seemed to her that she was either in the past, or in the future, or in the present. But the end was always the same: a black mist covered everything.

Anna decided: whether she wants it or not, she needs to find answers to her questions. To feel more confident and brave, she called you her closest friends, together you should find out what is hidden behind her nightmares and face her fears. Very soon you and Anna will go to Ostankino.

So, are you ready? All tasks take place in the street, additional sources of information are not required. If you are fond of mysteries and adventures, then this quest is for you! You will visit the most interesting places of Ostankino, learn unusual facts and legends that are linked with this area. Quest is on foot. Get ready to strain your brain and solve all the riddles. Age rating: 16+. Take this little adventure!

Help Anna reveal the secret of her dreams. Get ready to apply all your logical skills and ingenuity. You should only pay for the quest: you can start passing it at any time!

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Nightmares have been torturing Anna for a month. She got out of her bed after another nightmare and instinctively touched the amulet that was given to her by her grandmother before death. In all her dreams, Anna was always in one place: in Ostankino. And the end was always the same: a black mist covered everything. Anna decided: whether she wants it or not, she needs to find answers to her questions. To feel more confident and brave, she called you, her closest friends. Together you should find out what is hidden behind her nightmares and face her fears. The address of the start is Akademika Koroleva street, 19. Do you know that the name of the area comes from the word "remains"? The village that was here before was called Ostankovo, and in Russian it means "remains" - "ostanki". There was a cemetery of people who had committed suicides, as well as witches and wizards, who gave it a reputation as a cursed place. It was believed that those who did not die by their own death were forced to live as the walking dead. They were buried behind the cemetery fence. Look at the building and write down the number that is mentioned in the name of the building.
Anna and you were wandering around the Ostankino Ponds, when suddenly an elderly man dressed in a long black coat approached you. Blue, even dark blue eyes (you have never seen such eyes in your life) focused on Anna. “And you finally have arrived! I've been waiting for you for so long!" You looked at each other and stared at the man in surprise. “Oh yes, you are Anna, a descendant of an ancient family, only you have enough power to stop the evil that lives in this place, the evil that has been gaining power for centuries. We must hurry, otherwise it will be too late and the whole world will be plunged into darkness.” We should move further towards the Ostankino pond. We need to find the famous Temple of the Life-Giving Trinity in Ostankino. “Here is an ancient map with marked portals - we should close them. But all addresses are encrypted with puzzles. We need to think carefully before we find them all”, said the man, who introduced himself as Konstantin. Count the number of things that resemble bulbs.
Suddenly, an old woman appeared out of nowhere. Toothless, in torn rags, she looked at you and laughed in her raspy voice, to be honest, it sounds more like a croak. You jerked back. Meanwhile, the man waved to you, suggesting you follow him. Move to the right from the church. According to the legends, in the 13th century, a hermit-witch Agafya lived here on the outskirts, she had magic powers. When she, to the relief of locals, died, they did not bury her according to Christian customs. Since then, the ghost of the old woman began to remind of herself, appearing here and there, and this meeting always turned out to be not good for people. The ghost of a hunched woman appeared more than once and when the Sheremetevs became the owners of Ostankino. From the church you need to walk only 80 meters. Find the stone that will tell you the history of this place. Write the number written in Roman numerals.
Konstantin looked at you all and asked you to follow him. The old woman glared at you from afar. We leave behind the church and the sign and move on. We need to find the entrance to the park and turn right. The serf actress Praskovya Kovaleva-Zhemchugova, the unfortunate lover of Count Nikolai Sheremetev, also met the old witch. The old woman advised her not to play two dead women at once in order to avoid the appearance of a third (then pregnant Zhemchugova rehearsed roles in two performances where she played Ophelia and Cleopatra). The actress did not follow the advice - and died a few days after she gave birth to her son. Find the object that shows the answer to this riddle: Eating everything around Beast, bird, forest and house. It will gnaw steel and iron, It will destroy a strong stone Its power is the strongest Even stronger than the powers of kings. Look at the object and write down which color dominates its design.
You tried to calm Anna down and asked her to sit down on a bench. Find one of the “interesting” benches next to the clock. Did you notice something unusual? Write down which animals the pictures remind you of.
“We need to hurry,” repeated Konstantin, “there is another portal very close to this place, where dark energy has accumulated, we need to close it.” Look around and find an object that reflects the heroism of people. You began to worry about Anna. She was unusually pale, as if life was being slowly sucked out of her. Find the table on the monument and write down the sum of the numbers written on the second line.
Then the man whispered something in a language you didn’t know. “Well, now we need to find the farthest object of our journey, and soon it will all be over.” Go straight, reach the Park Pond and look to the right. This place is amazing at every season. In the summer you can hide from the heat, in the fall you can admire the colorful leaves, in the winter you can find yourself in a snow-covered forest, and in the spring you can watch how nature wakes up. Look for an object that is "a light building on an elevated place that allows you to view the surroundings." Write down the correct name of this object. The table next to it will help you. The term may also be used for a paved terrace or just a place with a good viewpoint, but no actual building.
You climbed up the hill to look around. Suddenly a black mist began to appear from the ground. "What's happening?" You turned to the man. Suddenly, his blue eyes began to change color. And now a completely different person with black hawk eyes stood in front of you. He abruptly grabbed the amulet from Anna's neck and ran. You ran after him, but he seemed to disappear. The only thing left of him is a map. Move back to the Ostankino ponds. You looked around in complete confusion. It seemed as if it had become darker and colder outside. You looked at the map that the ancient wizard dropped. There were only 2 points not marked by him on the map. We need to run there! The first was next to the Ostankino ponds. You need to find a monument to the creator of something without which many people would be bored in the evenings and which is really situated in the right place. Write down the object on which the man leans.
Suddenly you saw Konstantin, a black fog was creeping behind him. “Give me back my amulet!” Anna shouted and rushed to him. You hurried after. “Too late, you helped open almost all the portals. There is only one left, and it will all be over for the world you are all used to.” Konstantin ran, you ran after him. Here it is, the terrible truth! You didn't close the portals at all, you opened them! You helped the magician release the ancient evil that lives here! Find an object whose idea came to its creator from an upside-down lily with a very thick stem.
Having reached the last portal, you stopped. You saw how a huge crack was appearing in the ground. Somewhere behind, an old witch croaked angrily, drowned peasant women led a round dance, and the actress Zhemchugova cried on the shoulder of Sheremetev. Come to the Ostankino tower. The world seemed to shake, the border of time began to blur. Find an object that combines tragedy, heroism and memory. Write a year that repeats four times.